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This will normally apply in full starting in the first year during which the country is deemed by the Committee to have acceded to the Convention.

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Article IV Products a The following products are eligible to be supplied under this Convention, subject to the specifications set out in the relevant Rules of Procedure: i grains wheat, barley, maize, millet, oats, rye, sorghum or triticaleor rice; ii grain and rice products of primary or secondary processing; iii pulses; iv edible oil; v root crops cassava, round potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, or tarowhere these are supplied in triangular transactions or in local purchases; vi skimmed-milk powder; vii sugar; viii seed for eligible products; ix within the limits of paragraph b below, products which are a component of the traditional diet of vulnerable groups, or a component of supplementary feeding programmes, and which meet the requirements set out in Article III j of this Convention.

They are encouraged to provide, when appropriate, fortified food aid products, particularly in emergency situations and targeted development projects.

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Article V a Contributions shall be counted in terms of their wheat equivalent, as follows: i grain for human consumption shall be equal to wheat; ii rice shall be determined by the international export price relationship between rice and wheat, in accordance with the methods set out in the Rules of Procedure; iii products of primary or secondary processing of grains or of rice shall be determined by their respective grain or rice content, in accordance with the specifications set out in the Rules of Procedure; iv pulses, seed of grain, rice or other food crops, and all other eligible products, shall be based on the costs of acquisition in accordance with the methods set out in the Rules of Procedure.

Article VI Carryover and carryforward a Each member shall ensure that operations in respect of its commitment for one year are made to the maximum extent possible within that year.

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Article VII Eligible recipients a Food aid under this Convention may be provided to the developing countries and territories which are listed in Annex B, namely: i least-developed countries; ii low-income countries; iii lower middle-income countries, and other countries included in the WTO list of net food-importing developing countries at the time of negotiation of this Convention, when experiencing food emergencies or internationally recognised financial crises leading to food shortage emergencies, or when food aid operations are targeted on vulnerable groups.

Article VIII Needs a Food aid should only be provided when it is the most effective and appropriate means of assistance. In responding to those needs, members shall pay attention to meeting the particular nutritional needs of women and Svájci népi ing anti aging.

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Members shall aim to ensure that the food aid provided reaches the intended recipients in a timely manner. The Committee may recommend that members should respond to the situation by increasing the amount of food aid provided.

Members will ensure transparency as to their priorities, policies and programmes, by providing information for other donors.


Article IX Forms and terms of aid a Food aid under this Convention may be supplied as: i grants of food or of cash to be used to purchase food for or by the recipient country; ii sales of food for the currency of the recipient country, which is not transferable and is not convertible into currency or goods and services for use by the donor members; iii sales of food on credit, with payment to be made in reasonable annual amounts over periods of 20 years or more and with interest at rates which are below commercial rates prevailing in world markets.

Article X Transport and delivery a The costs of transporting and delivering food aid beyond the fob stage shall, to the extent possible, be borne by the donors, particularly in the case of emergency food aid or food aid provided to priority recipient countries.

Article XI Channelling a Members may provide their food aid bilaterally, through intergovernmental or other international organisations, or non-governmental organisations.

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Article XII Local purchases and triangular transactions a In order to promote local agricultural development, strenghten regional and local markets and enhance thelonger-term food security of recipient countries, members shall give consideration to using or directing their cash contributions for the purchase of food: i for supply to the recipient country from other developing countries triangular transactions ; or ii in one part of a developing country for supply to a deficit area in that country local purchases.

Article XIII Effectiveness and impact a In all food aid transactions, members shall pay particular attention to: i avoiding harmful effects on local harvests, production and marketing structures, by appropriately timing the distribution of food aid; ii respecting local food habits and nutritional needs of the beneficiaries and minimising any possible negative effects on their eating habits; iii facilitating the participation of women in the decision-making process and in the implementation of food aid operations, thus strengthening food security at the household level.

In targeting proceeds from such sales, priority shall be given to projects aiming to improve the food security of beneficiaries. Such evaluation should be based on agreed international principles.

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Article XIV Information and coordination a Members shall provide regular and timely reports to the Committee on the amount, content, channelling, costs including transport and other operational costs, forms and terms of their contributions in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

To the extent possible, these reports shall be submitted in writing to the executive director before each regular session of the Committee. Other arrangements may be adopted by any member in agreement with the executive director.

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Article XVI Powers and functions a The Committee shall take such decisions and perform such functions as are required to carry out the provisions of this Convention.

It shall establish such Rules of Procedure as are necessary for this purpose. Article XVII Chairman and vice-chairman a At the last statutory session held in each year, the Committee shall appoint a Svájci népi ing anti aging and a vice-chairmanfor the following year.

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In the absence of the chairman and the vice-chairman, the Committee shall appoint a temporary chairman. The Committee shall meet also at such other times either as the chairman shall Szemcsepp szemszárazságra tartósítószer nélkül, at the request of three members, or as otherwise required by this Convention.

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Article XIX Secretariat a The Committee shall use the services of the Secretariat of the International Grains Council for the performance of such administrative duties as the Committee may request, including the processing and distribution of documentation and reports. Article XX Defaults and disputes a In the case of a dispute concerning the interpretation or application of this Convention, or of a default in obligations under this Convention, the Committee shall meet and take appropriate action.