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His first name is William, but everyone calls him Bill. David is from Bristol. My name's Carla. I'm Simon. Nice to meet you.

Olympic champion Eva Risztov calls it a day

My first name is Thomas, but you can call me Tom. If the weather isn't going to be nice, let's stay in. Do you spell 'grey' with an 'a' or an 'e'? Say hello to the other students in the class. What is your surname? What is your name? Where are you from? She is 30 years old.

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He lives in a city called Chicago. Freestyle rap svájci anti aging your email address? I forgot to ask Paul for his email address. Look at the information and tell me what you see. Lucy isn't married but she has a boyfriend.

I live in an old house. Her phone number is 43 44 Jack has lots of female friends, but he hasn't got a girlfriend. Frank has enough money to buy a big house with a garden. I like Spain a lot and would like to live there one day. I live in a small town in the west of England. My parents really like my girlfriend - she's lovely.

New Headway Elementary Hungarian wordlist Unit 1 You and me

My mother was only 18 when she gave birth to me. My parents are both doctors, but I became an actor. They had a great day out and really enjoyed themselves. A good salesman can sell anything. School isn't the only place prodague suisse anti aging children learn new things.

prodague suisse anti aging

I don't have a brother but I have one sister, Rosa. Our English teacher explains everything so clearly. Olivia is an English student at university. The west of England is warmer than the north or east. He goes to university next year. Peter and Helen have two children: Tom, 8, and Anna, 5. There are ten students in my English class.

A doctor helps people who are ill. His English accent is good. Marie-Celine isn't French, she's Canadian. Berlin is a city in Germany.

prodague suisse anti aging

The language school is popular because it's very good. My father's mother is my grandmother. She isn't at home - she's at school.

Kutyaszorítóba került a Saudi Aramco Portfolio A szaúd-arábiai olajóriás amellett döntött, hogy komolyabb mértékben átalakítja a felsővezetést, így új vezetőt kapott a kutatás-termelési, valamint a finomítás-kereskedelmi üzletág is. Ezzel párhuzamosan létrehoznak egy új vállalatfejlesztési divíziót is, amelynek feladata az lesz, hogy felmérje a vállalat meglévő eszközeit és erőforrásait, s igyekezzen egy optimálisabb portfóliót kialakítani.

People from Italy are Italian. Our English class is on Monday morning. What day is it today? It's Monday. Joe's wife is from Germany where they were married. The city is very big so I travel by bus instead of walking. Anna's blog is full of news and photos about her stay in London. We don't have a garage so we keep our car outside. Her school is in the centre of London, near all the shops.

I haven't got much money, but I know where the cheap shops are. There are lots of Italian coffee bars in London that sell great coffee.

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In winter, the weather in Madrid is often sunny but cold. Some people speak so fast it's difficult to understand prodague suisse anti aging.

prodague suisse anti aging

Travelling by Underground is easy because the maps are clear. We travelled along the Nile while we were staying in Egypt. I've never been outside of Europe, and would love to visit Africa or America.

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We cycle or walk everywhere because public transport is so expensive. The man said he was a famous actor, but I didn't recognize him. I can't understand you when you speak so fast. You don't need any money because the museum is free. I really like the other students - they are very friendly. The gallery has some beautiful paintings.

Charlotte is a name for a girl not a boy. London is a great city - there are lots of shops!

prodague suisse anti aging

The teacher gives us lots of homework. The coffee is so horrible I can't drink it. The weather is very hot and sunny. Hungary is a country in Europe near Slovakia. I like England - it is an interesting country.

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My class is very international, with students from across the world. The highest peak in Japan is Mount Fuji. My father doesn't speak any other language except English. We love Amy because she's so nice and kind. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The border between Mexico and the United States is heavily guarded. At the transport museum, there are examples of vehicles dating back to the s. We live near the airport, but we've got used to the sound of planes.

London is a city with lots of parks for people to walk or cycle in. People are always surprised when I tell them what I do. I've visited so many great places since I've been here.

prodague suisse anti aging

Rome is a beautiful Italian city. Shopping is no fun if you haven't got any money to spend. I like to buy things online rather than go into shops. The bus is very slow, so don't take it if you're in a hurry.


My school is very small - there are only 30 students. Mr and Mrs Tims have a son, Paul, and a daughter, Eva. Spain is a lovely country, but Madrid gets very hot in summer. She speaks several languages. It is sunny outside, but it is very cold.

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There are a lot of questions so check you have answered all of them. I don't like travelling by Underground because it's dark. Can you please speak more slowly so that we can prodague suisse anti aging What bad weather we have today - it is so cold and it is raining.

Welcome to the Royal Hotel.

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We hope you enjoy your stay. Although he's very young, he has a lot of experience. Tanya's been going out with her boyfriend for nearly a year.