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Peter Ivanic — ivanic hrl. The program aims to strengthen the capacity of international development journalism, through training and capacity building of journalists, media houses, students, students, bloggers, filmmakers, NGOS and online media makers to report sensitively on those issues, provide balanced journalism and reporting in environments where there dominant anti-migrant and international development public discourse.

Why are we delivering this programme?

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The recent and heavily publicized flows of migrants and refugees into Europe, si triggering one of the most intense and divisive debates in the history of the European Union. It is also leading towards an increased climate of intolerance towards those arriving on European shores.

Migrants and refugees are often negatively portrayed in the media of the targeted countries; this misrepresentation leads to discrimination, dehumanising and negative attitudes among the general public towards migrants and refugees. At the same time, the important link between effective development policy and the courses of ethnic and religious persecution and marginalization, is being forgotten in public debate.

The media plays a central role in constructing discourses and communicating information to citizens.

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Hostile anti-migrant rhetorichas led to a climate in which public opinion of these issues takes place in an environment lacking in accurate, impartial, balanced and reliable information. In particular the focus of media attention, relates mainly to the arrival, impact and experience of migrants and refugees within the EU and not on the causes of migration in the first places.

There is a need to provide both visual and textual reporting that is based on both the in-depth investigation and sensitive presentation to the readers. The programme will, therefore, aim to improve reporting on development and migration in the media, raise editorial standards and provide more training opportunities to journalists in the four target countries.

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The main component of the programme is a free 8-week online media longet suisse anti aging on global issues, with emphasis on minorities, migration and development, aimed at students, journalists and NGOs. How does the course work? Each week, student will address a new topic.

The purpose of the course is to make you familiar with the basic concepts of international development, minority inclusion and migration and develop effective approaches to sensitive, inclusive and balanced reporting on these subjects.

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We will not ask you to read through long studies but will provide an interactive course framework, with assessment based on journalistic pieces and exercises and opportunities for interaction with tutors, experts and fellow students. The course is open to all levels of experience, with an interest in this subjects.

Previous rounds of this program have included experienced foreign affairs journalists, media students. Field trips: what opportunities are there available? After each round of the course, students will have the opportunity to apply for field visits, where they will participate in a face-to-face training, including community visits and collect stories about minorities, indigenous peoples and migrants in both Africa and Europe. For students of the first round of the course Octthe first field visit will take place in Kenya in Decwith a second opportunity to visit a migration entry point in either Greece or Italy in Our staff on the spot will help you.

The visit longet suisse anti aging last around 7 days, with all costs covered. Participants will be able to apply for bursaries to extend their stay in the field locations and undertake reporting on minority, indigenous and migration issues within these locations. Who can travel?

Media, Minorities and Migration

Who can apply for internships? Course students may also apply for one month internships in national media houses. These internships will be ideal for students or less experienced journalists and will provide the opportunity to gain experience in foreign affairs journalism. The internships will be arranged in advance by MRG and will be available in each of the 4 project countries.

Students will be invited to apply for the placement.


What language is the course conducted in, and is the programme accessible? The course will only be available in English because our experience including in the target countries is that to cover international development longet suisse anti aging effectively, at least a working knowledge of English is required.

However, trainees will be able to submit examples of published media pieces in their own languages. MRG will ensure that the programme is accessible for those with disabilities and that online material is compliant with international web norms, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Who is Minority Rights Group? Minority Rights Group MRG has worked for over 40 years to secure the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide.

We have extensive experience in training on minority and indigenous issues. We also work directly with over grass-roots organizations in nearly 50 countries, giving egészség és anti aging unique access to minority and indigenous communities.


Guidelines The course The course will be supported by two tutors, supervising approximately 25 participants each. They will engage with each participant for half an hour every fortnight, via Skype or through a live online chat facility. The tutors will have a background in training, with a focus on training journalists.

They will be knowledgeable about international development issues, including those relating to minorities, indigenous peoples and migration.

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From our extensive experience of online training, we know that the tutors are critical towards ensuring that participants actively engage with each other, follow and complete the course.

We will hold five rounds of the course between andapplicants not successful for the 1st round Oct will be able to apply for future rounds; each round will last eight weeks. During this time, participants will be expected to devote three hours every week towards reading, doing their own research, completing the quizzes and tests, and doing the assignments.


Every fortnight, they will have a half-hour conversation or live chat with their tutor. We estimate therefore that successful participants will need to devote a total of between 18 and 25 hours to the course. We have deliberately kept the course relatively short in order to make it realistic, especially for professional journalists.

We will endeavor to be flexible, allowing participants to go at their own pace — with prior agreement of the tutor.

Some professional journalists may, for example, prefer to complete the course in days, between assignments, and we will seek to accommodate that. If journalists have to interrupt their participation due to work obligations, we will strive to keep places open in subsequent rounds so that they may resume their participation.

In terms of In terms of organizational sociology the professional officers of criminal service carry out their tasks differently.

And for those who receive developing country reporting assignments during the course, we will seek to adapt contents so that they can draw on their own experiences. Introduction to international development: Main conceptual frameworks of international development, e. Critical issues affecting minorities and indigenous peoples, e.

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  • Available literature is changing quickly and studies summarised here may not represent the latest status of knowledge.
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Media, minorities and indigenous peoples: Media law concerning discriminatory reporting; Importance of obtaining diverse voices; diverse sources, how to find and evaluate them; Basic principles of reporting on diversity — dealing with prejudice and discrimination, avoiding stereotypes, culturally sensitive use of language; Issue identification; Building contacts in minority and indigenous communities; Investigative journalism; journalistic ethics. European Development Days; Pitching stories to editors; Culturally sensitive interviewing and photography; and Reporting on vulnerable migrants and refugees.

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