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Legjobb anti aging regimine edit ] Szűcs was born in Szolnok in He began his career with his local club, Szolnoki MÁVat the age of 17 in In Marchhe was called up to the Hungary national football team for a match against Yugoslavia. Arrest[ edit ] InSzűcs met singer Erzsi Kovács and began an affair with her. Kovács was married to pianist Lajos Boros and the state frowned upon the adulterous relationship, especially after Kovács moved in with the player.

He was not called up to the national team and was told that he risked losing his football career over the affair.

Milan through a contact and the pair considered escaping from Hungary. Infellow Hungarian player László Kubala defected to the west and formed a team called Hungaria, which was made up of Eastern European émigrés, including Hungarians. Near Szombathelythey were stopped by a patrol, but made it through by showing their identification.

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Some distance later, the smuggler asked Szűcs to give him his gun. A few minutes later, soldiers from the ÁVO placed both of them in custody.

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It turned out that the smuggler was an ÁVO agent and that the entire escape had been a trap. This made him subject to an anti-defection law that called for life imprisonment or the death penalty for members of any armed service caught defecting.

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Szűcs was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. His former teammates Ferenc Puskás and József Bozsik attempted to intervene on his behalf without success.

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Additionally, the location of his grave was strictly confidential. After the communist regime's fall, Szűcs' story was widely published.

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In the death sentence was revoked and declared a violation of the law. Inhe was posthumously named a police lieutenant-colonel.

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A documentary movie was filmed on his story in