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A Biblioteca da Ajuda poss ui dois curiosos manuscritos ilustrados do século XVI de natureza profético-astrológica. Os textos neles contidos são um interessante exemplo da cultura e arte do Barroco pela combinação de erudição científica, profecia, astrologia e religião.

A identidade dos seus autores é desconhecia, mas revelam um profundo conhecimento científico e religioso. O ránctalanító krém házilag começa pela apresentação dos pontos de vista científicos, religiosos e filosóficos do autor, seguindo-se uma descrição dos movimentos celestes.

No entanto o objetivo não é o conhecimento científico; neles a ciência é apenas um instrumento para descodificação de mensagens proféticas e hermeticum suisse anti aging através de cometas e anjos. Apesar de ser escrito num período em que os conceitos clássicos do Cosmos estavam em profunda transformação o autor não discute esta questão, usando a astronomia e a astrologia como um instrumento para a interpretação na vontade divina.

Ambos manuscritos são ilustrados por duas aguarelas que oferecem suporte visual à mensagem dos textos.

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Seguindo a mesmo estilo, as ilustrações combinam a alegoria com o detalhe científico. Este paper explora estes documentos únicos e a combinação de arte e do discurso científico com a hipérbole e metáfora profética característica do Barroco. Palavras-chave: astrologia, iconografia astrológica, profecia, cometologia Abstract: The Ajuda Iron trail suisse anti aging possesses two curious seventeenth-century illustrated texts on prophecy and astrology.

They provide and interesting example of the interaction between scientific erudition, prophecy, astrology, and religion, and stand as an example of Baroque culture and art. The identity of the authors is unknown, but their writings display familiarity with the main political issues of their time and reveal considerable scientific and religious knowledge. Despite being written in a period when the classical concepts of the Cosmos were undergoing a profound change the author uses astrology and astronomy not as a platform to discuss the theories of the universe, but as an instrument to interpret the divine will.

Both texts are illustrated by large watercolour drawings that provide visual support to their message. Following the nature of the text they combine the allegory with scientific detail. This paper explores these unique documents both combining art hermeticum suisse anti aging scientific discourse with baroque prophetic hyperbole and metaphor. The first text, Estrela Descuberta ou Cometa Imaginado no Horizonte de Portugal no anno de Newfound star or imagined comet on the horizon of Portugal in the year ofconcerns the observation of an unusual celestial object which turns out to be the star Spica.

The documents are accompanied by three watercolour paintings, that illustrate the text, providing an opportunity to study Portuguese Baroque scientific-prophetic discourse together with its artistic expression.

In the context of seventeenth-century Portugal, this combination of image with prophetic, scientific and astrological material are, as much as could be ascertained, unique in its kind.

Although they follow the common literary model of that period, of which there are many other Portuguese manuscripts, there are no other recorded examples of texts on prophetical-astrological discourse that conjugate in such a strong manner text and image.

Она шагнула вперед, но и там была та же пустота. Сигналы продолжались. Источник их находился где-то совсем близко. Сьюзан поворачивалась то влево, то вправо.

This appears to be the only surviving example. The authors of both the text and the paintings are unknown.

They are undoubtedly cultured individuals given their acquaintance with renowned scientific and religious authors, their method of astrological interpretation, and their knowledge of astronomy. Despite a brief reference by Luís Carolino3, the documents remained unpublished.

fiatal kutatók konferenciája - PDF Ingyenes letöltés

Both belong to the Biblioteca da Ajuda, Lisbon. They are bond together, forming a single 2 This paper intends a presentation of the manuscript and the publication of the text; future studies, currently under preparation will address more fully its placement in the international context.

The document is a paper manuscript, with non-numerated folia5, written in ferro-gallic ink6, and simply bound in a thicker paper. The first hereafter designated as text A has six folia and two watercolour illustrations. The hermeticum suisse anti aging text B has five folia and features a large two-page watercolour illustration.

The joining of these two texts is likely due to their common theme: observation and interpretation of celestial phenomena. The first folio of the ensemble presents the number 87 at the top right corner, suggesting that this manuscript was once part of a larger gathering.

However, the pages were crudely trimmed during their last binding, destroying all relevant evidences of previous bindings.

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The two texts are written in different hands, although both have titles written in red by the same hand. Text B displays some amendments written in the same hand as text A, supporting the idea that both documents were once part of a same ensemble.

The illustrations corroborate this possibility, as they appear to be the work of the same artist; they present similarities in the technique and style of several pictorial elements, especially in the human figures. The authorship of the images is further corroborated by the size of the folia. A teoria da influência celestes em Portugal - Lisboa, Footnote All evidence suggests that the texts were written separately and latter archived and illustrated, most likely by the author of the first text.


It starts by mentioning the observation of hermeticum suisse anti aging celestial body with a particularly bright glow, which was sighted during a long period of cloudy skies. This apparition had been interpreted by many as a comet or a new star similar to the supernova ofand considered an unusual phenomenon. This is, however, an erroneous interpretation, as the author promptly declares.

Рука Сьюзан задрожала, и пейджер упал на пол возле тела Хейла. Сьюзан прошла мимо него с поразившим его выражением человека, потрясенного предательством. Коммандер не сказал ни слова и, медленно наклонившись, поднял пейджер. Новых сообщений не .

In this first instance, there is an attempt of scientific clarification, appealing to logic and science to clarify the true nature of the phenomena. In the second part of the text, however, the author changes his discourse. She was the only offspring of his first marriage, with Maria Francisca Isabel of Savoy, who had died two years earlier, on December 27th of At this time, the absence of a male heir raised doubts regarding the continuity royal house.

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It was therefore expectable that the apparition of a star came to be associated to a promise of succession9. The 8 Both texts are transcribed in their original language Portuguese in the addenda to this article.

Pedro II was therefore heir to a recently formed and not yet fully consolidated dynasty, which had just come out of a year war with Spain — In face of all hermeticum suisse anti aging facts stability and continuity was a much-needed commodity.

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At the age of three, he suffered an illness that paralyzed his body on the left side and left him impotent as well as mentally unstable. He became the heir to the throne after the unexpected death of his older brother, Teodósio of Bragança, Prince of Brazil. Ptolemy one of the main sources for astrological practice considers the star Spica as being of the nature of Venus, and thus beneficial and fertile in its influence - Ptolomy, Tetrabiblos trans.

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RobbinsLondon,51 I—9. A constellation is a grouping of stars forming figures or asterisms of different sizes. They are derived from the equinox and solstice points: thus the point of the spring equinox marks the beginning of the sign of Aries and of the Zodiac itself. In what concerns astronomy and astrology, this separation has been established at least since the time of Ptolemy, but constellations and signs are often confused because they bear the same names.

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The astrological theory of this period attributes the sign of Libra to Lisbon14, therefore also associating Spica to the capital city of Portugal, and by extension to the kingdom and to the crown The first illustration, located in the verso of the first folio, alludes to this passage figure 1. It is a watercolour painting x mm in shades of blue, with a frame formed by two parallel lines — the inner line in yellow, and the outer in red.

The image is traversed by a white diagonal stripe from the right top corner to the left bottom corner representing a section of the Zodiac. This section contains three constellations: on top, Leo, represented by the animal itself; at the centre, in a prominent position, Virgo, embodied by a young woman holding an ear of corn in her right hand; below, the constellation of Libra, represented the by the scales.

The constellations are identified by their Latin names — Leo, Virgo and Libra — written in red ink.

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The star Spica, of the Virgo constellation, is identified in Portuguese in a similar fashion. As the signs of the zodiac used in western astrology are derived from the equinox point — tropical zodiac — and not from the constellations, with time they no longer coincide with the constellations bearing the same name.

Bythe star Spica, the brightest of the constellation Virgo, was positioned in the tropical sign of Libra, around the nineteenth degree of the sign. Lisboa, According to legend the funding king had a religious vision just before defeating his enemies and rise to power.

Figure 1 — Unknown author, Virgo as the infanta with the star Spica, watercolour, x mm. Biblioteca da Ajuda, Ms. This building can be seen as a simplified representation of the city of Lisbon and, simultaneously, of a royal palace again focusing the omen of succession on the royal family For this reason, the feminine figure of the constellation is represented in noble garments, instead of classical style robes.

The author takes this motto even further, deepening the correlation between the princess and the ear of corn.

It is probably an imagined building based on the palaces existing in Lisbon at that time. It is a square figure containing a griddle of 7 by 8 coloured squares in rose, red, green, blue and yelloweach one containing a letter. With this visual play, the author hermeticum suisse anti aging his idea that seven successions will occur in each of eighth royal generations.

Behind the square is depicted an ear of corn, in yellow and gold, and below it, a round medallion with the Portuguese royal coat of arms. Once more this symbolizes the hope of succession, through the one that, by that time, was the only heiress to the throne — princess Isabel Luísa Josefa of Bragança.

The hopes expressed in this manuscript never came to be. The princess never married, and died inat the young age of Visible from November to Marchthis comet had a massive impact, both for its dimensions and for its magnitude. In a time when new cosmological models started to emerge, these were questions of major importance.

However, the topic underlying this text and its illustration is not scientific knowledge, but the association established between comets and angels. He also states that the same angels dress in different forms, returning to Earth with new divine admonitions, in the form of new comets.

Kötetünk a világ rendjére való tudományos, laikus és művészi reflektálások különböző formáit kívánja bemutatni, választott korszaka a század. A sorozat negyedik, egyben utolsó kötete a kétnapos konferencia alatt elhangzott előadások írásos változatát tartalmazza. A szerzők az ország számos egyeteméről és a határon túlról érkező egyetemi hallgatók és doktori címük megszerzése előtt álló kutatók. A konferenciasorozat megálmodói, Lovas Borbála és Szilágyi Emőke Rita ezúton köszönik minden előadónak, elnöknek, érdeklődőnek, kollégának a segítséget és figyelmet, mely a konferenciákat és a köteteket övezte.

This is undoubtedly a religious matter, and this is clearly expressed by the author. In fact, the correlation between celestial phenomena and the angels was by no means unusual in the religious milieu, particularly among the Jesuits. According to Valentin Stansel18, the angels were the force hermeticum suisse anti aging moved the planets19; this same theory justified, to same extent, the planetary influence in astrology Quite clearly, the author of text B is not concerned with scientific matters as the author of text A; his goal is to interpret the effects of the comet, in its role as a divine herald.

Therefore, its effects will extend untilthe year in which this text was written. But then, based on a passage of the Sibylline Oracles and on the considerable size of the comet, he argues that its effects will continue beyond that period.

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He joined the Society of Jesus inwhere he learned Philosophy and Mathematics. In he travels to Baía in Brazil, where he lived until his death in He authored several works in Mathematics, Optics and Astronomy. The New Science and Jesuit Science: seventeenth century perspectives, ed.

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Mordechai Feingold, vol. It was part of the curriculum of the Aula da Esfera the class of the sphere in the college of Santo Antão in Lisbon.