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The Cluj Modern festival represents a landmark in Romanian cultural life; getting accustomed to and understanding modern music are the main goals of the event.

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Even though the promotion of contemporary music is the pursuit of other national festivals as well, in the seasons of philharmonics and opera houses which perform this type of repertoire, the festival receives laudatory reviews from specialists due to its good organization and remarkable artistic level in performance and composition. The editions of the Cluj Modern Festival succeed one another every two years, and the organizers are always trying to offer memorable, meaningful programmes, which represent milestones in Romanian music.

The edition proved to be a success, confirming one of the most important events in the promotion of contemporary Romanian music, while the public in Cluj seems to be more receptive to this type of music than in other parts of the country. We are experiencing an enlargement of the notion of culture, which does not lack certain welcome opportunities and perspectives, nevertheless bringing along a certain trivialization, since there should be a differentiated preoccupation for higher culture, authentic culture, and kitsch.

With the democratisation of the genres, in particular, this differentiation becomes impossible to make. In this situation, a local administration — which is not a cultural forum par excellence, but an administrative one which has, among other things, certain cultural functions — is trying to have an open vision, including a very large range gospel diffusion suisse anti aging events: from the Beer Festival to the festivals organized by the Opera or the Philharmonic.

The matter in question is: which is the hierarchy that encloses, financially speaking, the cultural projects that the local board considers worthy of support? As far as I can perceive, the local administration is making efforts along a line that is not attracted to an elitist zone, quite on the contrary, it is a rather populist line, and the justification is the massive audience and probably the circulation of money, since whatever is sold in large amounts yields a proportional income.

The organizers of Cluj Modern seek to highlight also the stylistic roots of contemporary music, starting from the beginning of 20th century modernism. The history of the Cluj Modern Festival has begun under the auspices of the support given by the Ministry of Culture, which financed a first edition upon the proposal of composer Cornel Țăranu: this is why Cornel Țăranu is the founding director of the festival. It was a post event, characteristic of our openness to communication with the world on all levels, including through culture, and it is, in chronological order, the second festival in this field launched after the Revolution.

In the International Week of New Music was founded in Bucharest, which is since then the main music festival in Romania and is organized annually. After not so many years, I think inCornel Țăranu started the festival in Cluj.

The Ministry of Culture financed the whole festival, which shows a type of attitude which was a prolongation of the former totalitarian period, when the ministry had been the unique financing source for such events and had taken the entire responsibility for them.

Nowadays it is extremely difficult to get funding from the Ministry of Culture for this kind of actions… As soon as the second edition of Cluj Modernthe new times started to gain ground, where the Ministry of Culture became rather an independent player and ceased assuming responsibility for everything that went on in the country.

As a matter of fact, we know that in the Ministry of Culture disposed of all the Philharmonics, passing them on to local financing bodies and annulling the character of national cultural network that all cultural institutions of the state used to havekeeping only a few lyric theatre institutions.

Let us make an observation: London too has an English National Opera which used to perform repertoires translated into English and not gospel diffusion suisse anti aging the original languages. In Romania, this attribute was considered an indication of the level, therefore of the importance. Only the George Enescu Philharmonic in Bucharest remained directly dependent on the Ministry, so we have now only one national level orchestra — scriptically speaking, because in reality some of the orchestras in Romania have national value implicitly, but no longer formally and scriptically.


Gospel diffusion suisse anti aging this background of administrative and political confusion, that we cannot easily escape, it is no wonder that the contemporary music festival in Cluj remained unfinanced already on its second edition. Ever since, the rectors of the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy have also been executive directors of the festival. Master Țăranu has also been ever since involved in directing the artistic administration, and the festival is by now well established in this healthy periodicity of gospel diffusion suisse anti aging organisation in odd years.

This gospel diffusion suisse anti aging why the Music Academy is now completely involved in organizing this prestigious event, from concept and programming to fundraising, partnerships and so on, contributing of course with its own financial effort, proudly carrying on this festival and succeeding to maintain it at a high standard. It is therefore a showcase of our potential in this repertory field, a peak technical challenge.

It is a tour de force in which we can measure our capacity and the highest outcomes of our educational process through our educators, our alumni and the students still studying at the Academy.

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The local community gains an advantage too, because the festival has in the meantime included a musicology symposium focused on problems of composition in relationship to its specific issues, and this symposium is already regarded abroad as a high level event, people are writing about it and it is attended by important guests.

This year we had a special surprise when a person, a young musicologist from Cambridge, travelled to Romania especially in order to attend the symposium, without being involved in an official programme of academic mobility; just like that, finding out about what goes on in Cluj, he wanted to participate.

gospel diffusion suisse anti aging

This is a very concrete example of what it brings to our local community: a surplus of interest, of cultural brilliance, which the town obviously praises, and eventually it is part of this trade mark of Cluj as a university city, which it has gained in time and maintains with pride and competence.

The promotion of this festival has started from us, with the support of our media partners, who have been extremely receptive, both locally and centrally.

gospel diffusion suisse anti aging

Now we ask ourselves: how does the public respond to this promotion? We are certainly aware of the abyss between contemporary music, with its complexity, oddness, even aggressiveness, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, an audience who does not always have such considerations in mind and who might feel less attracted, or sometimes even rejected by this less conventional phenomenon.

Our tickets had a symbolic price, they gospel diffusion suisse anti aging not help much in recovering the investment in the performances, but we sold tickets in order to have this feed-back: who wants to come buys a ticket — only electoral events are free. And this society, called GEMA founded among others by Richard Strauss, one of the great composers of post-Romantic musichad the following motto: music has its own value.

Which is even now an event superior to listening in headphones.

Iz zagraničnoj antropologičeskoj literatury g. Antropologičeskij Žurnal 2: — Antropometričeszkaâ harakteristika fizičeskogo razvitiâ učašihsâ škol fabričnozavodskogo učeničestva Leningrada. Antropologičeskij Žurnal 3: — K voproszy o periodizacii processa čelovečeskoj evolûcii.

And if we succeed in arousing curiosity, even in creating a guarantee, we expect people to praise that also through the ticket bought for what we offer. I believe this is the right direction. If any new media and means of promotion appear, any specialized agencies, we shall use them. It is a bit more difficult for us to evaluate the impact on the local public, but because we had paid entrance tickets, this was a first element of measurement.

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We can quantify by the number of tickets sold, also by the number of programme booklets — which we draft very carefully, they are nice and have always been appreciated and requested. The key to increasing the audience is the insistent continuation along the same path, using the positive experience to its full potential. The selection of symphonic pieces is one meant to offer the public a greatly varied repertoire. Now, when people are again talking all the time about the dangers of a nuclear war, I think that such a memento — which was not placed here intentionally, as at the time we drafted the programme the agitation around the North-Korean atomic programme had gospel diffusion suisse anti aging yet started — has a very strong impact in the present circumstances.

It is an extremely good piece, with folkloric and expressionistic touches, with alphorn sounds, religious chant, semantron, bells, an impressive piece of work, very close to our understanding. Thus everyone at the concert left with a rounded idea — in spite of the extreme stylistic variety. Due to the repertoire we approach and the standard of the performances, we try to determine the audience to return to concerts consisting wholly of contemporary music, which is not an easy task.

We have undertaken to increase the available audience around this very substantial stylistic line represented by contemporary music. We think we have noticed that the audience of this festival is, on the average, superior to the audiences of other such events in other parts of the country.

It means that, on the one hand, Cluj may have a public with a more sensitive receptiveness, and, on the other hand, that what we are trying to do for this public is balanced, appropriate, and therefore efficient and yielding. Envisioning a nice presentation, looking for 13 images, selecting significant photographs and so on is, droits humains suisse anti aging all, a kind of artistic work.

gospel diffusion suisse anti aging

The fact that creates a serious pressure is the necessity of raising funds for such an event. This festival starts from zero every time; it has no own funds, the ministry does not offer any money, as it used to. It is not quite easy either to address administrative bodies directly, the new administration is somewhat barricaded in this respect; this is obviously not a general phenomenon, of course, but one gets this feeling that Opera luxe anti aging krém, as a person with a longer experience in the cultural activity, did not have before.

gospel diffusion suisse anti aging

Fortunately, decision makers have also noticed this, so that from now on the evaluation of projects that are going to receive new financing takes into account the factor of perennity as well. So, if there is a field in which we want more and better, or superior receptiveness that would be the field of financing.

Imagining, planning and organizing the next edition of the Cluj Modern Festival have already started. Because we intend to invite foreign artists and we wish to be included in their calendar, we must envision the course of the festival in due time. In fact, we talk to the main performers, who must get accustomed to the repertoire from all points of view, and we make sure that they can be paid.

And the ones who can help must be convinced that you will build an event that will represent a landmark in Romanian culture. And than they must all keep their word… In the financial history of the festival there was a moment when a substantial financing promised by the Local Gospel diffusion suisse anti aging was later withdrawn, not because of their fault, it was the effect of a certain context, of a way of understanding certain phrases in the law that dealt with the financing of cultural actions.

gospel diffusion suisse anti aging

The paradox is that the Local Council, that is sufficiently strong and engaged, offers sponsoring based on a very limitative line of interpretation, in which, for instance, they forbid the selling of tickets, which is absurd; or, equally absurd, they do not have permission to finance an art institution such as a university for organizing cultural events outside its current object of activity — this interpretation being the durable reminiscence of a critique once formulated by the Court of Accounts, an abusive interpretation in my opinion.

I think that in writing and reading certain law texts we get entangled in words and obstructions, which sometimes emerge in our society, unfortunately. For the call for projects opened in September and we were able to submit our project to AFCN, which got the highest score among the projects submitted in that session.

And then we had a relative financial comfort, since the AFCN, unlike many other sponsors, did not negotiate and diminish the amount we had asked for. We calculated a budget and the AFCN evaluated the project, it said it was good and financed it. The Romanian Cultural Institute also helped us, and so we had two supporters: the AFCN with a substantial amount and the Romanian Cultural Institute as main partner together with the Transilvania State Philharmonic in Cluj, which was also a main partner.

gospel diffusion suisse anti aging

With this triangle and with the forces and efforts of the Music Academy we could organize a festival with very good feedback, which accomplished many of its goals. With a lot of hope I think the financing policy of the Local Council might be, actually should be changed: not being able to enjoy, in your home town, the support of this institution is regrettable.

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We are finally beginning to talk about constant events that build history and not only about projects that show up sporadically. Somewhere, the mentality of projects gospel diffusion suisse anti aging mature, and we must adhere to the new techniques of festival advertising and organizing fund raising actions for the next edition of the event.

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The notion of marketing has a solid history and potential applicability in many fields. Literature has provided over time many definitions, directing the idea of marketing both to the scientific field, especially toward economic trends, and toward the social area, trying to influence the attitudes related to product marketing. If the domain in which we apply the marketing system is a musical one, its functions cannot be understood before clarifying the conditions under which the market is organized or the trade in goods is conducted, just as we cannot define some basic concepts without knowing the demands and needs of the people, or how to communicate and negotiate to satisfy their desires.

Keywords: management, professional music, target groups, branding, market flow advertising. The connection between marketing and management is achieved through the education and motivation of human resources from an artistic institution, so that the employees can adapt to all long-term behavioural changes of consumers.

E-mail: oana. During this period emerged the terms of branding, packaging, and became visible the persuasion or manipulation tools of the population and the several forms of advertising and public relations, in order to seize market needs.

Since then the target of marketing has been to identify ways of attracting consumers or to direct the flow of goods to them, respectively.

Since the s Western specialists in marketing, seeing themselves in a majority society with surplus of cash resources, generated a number of support methods to perfect the marketing domain and implicitly to manage with greater security the products and services on the consumer market.

Thus, research were conducted aimed to analyze customer behaviour in certain situations, market research on audience and competition position, the importance played by the brand in the role of the product etc.

The music marketing concepts To make ourselves understood we shall reformulate some notions, such as the needs, wants, communication, etc. Most often they are perceived as an uncomfortable state lack or poverty which can be removed by the consumption of goods or services.