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As long as a standard CI receiver is used for watching an encrypted chan- Irdeto CI module nel everything works smoothly and no problems should arise.

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While a subscriber is watching pay TV the provider is constantly transmitting new keys to the smartcard so that the decoding process is not interrupted. The advent of PVR receivers and the possibility to save the enterprise domotique suisse anti aging stream of a digital channel directly onto a hard disk has revealed some weaknesses of the decoding process. In general, a smart card can only generate the required code for channels that are transmitted on a particular transponder, which means that while it is possible to decode two channels simultaneously one for watching live, the other for recordingthese two channels need to be on the same transponder.

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If they are on different transponders, only one channel can be decoded while the recorded channel is saved with encryption in place, because the CI module can only deal with one transponder at a time. If you want to solve this problem you can of course use more than one smart card and CI module, but quite honestly, who is able or willing to afford that?

While this is a solution that certainly has its merits, it also comes with a major drawback: Content providers change the key on their smart cards at regular intervals, and once this has happened the CI module is no longer able to generate the code required to decode data that was stored before the key change.

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Depending on the provider the key change intervals can range from several times a day to once every few months. The result, however, invariably stays the same and any recording not decoded by the time the smart card key is changed via satellite is lost for good.

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While some receivers initiate this procedure automatically, What happens in each case is that the encrypted recording is sent to the CI module for decoding and then stored again on the hard disk.

This way the smart card is used twofold by not inserting it into the receiver but into a dedicated control box instead which in turn is connected via cable or WLAN to two cards that are slotted into the CI modules in the receivers.

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This way two different pay channels can be recorded Automatic decoding feature of a receiver simultaneously using only one smart card.