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Catastrophe English version DISASTER Andrey Stepanenko Following the Chronicles the Alexandrian Pharos was ruined nine times — in the years of, and The most amazing thing is it was renewed as a lighthouse only once — inand that attempt was unsuccessful. More than that, it managed to crash down twice in one and the same day — July, 21, but in different years: and Strictly speaking, that happened at night between July, 20 and 21 — the Festival of the Nile River for the ancient Egyptians.

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Though, this is not the whole story: July, 21 is the Fatal Day for the global history, because the greatest disasters are like glued on this day. July, 21, — Alexandria weathered another earthquake, and the Pharos fell down for the second time.

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July, 21, — though, by Theophanous — A. Plenty of people were killed. July, 21, B. This Goddess was the Empress of natural disasters.

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C the Babylonians destroyed the First Temple. The very event was followed by the Babylonian Enslavery during 70 years.

Feliratkozás Az Ön által létrehozott fiók ingyenes hozzáférést biztosít az Európai Foglalkoztatási Napok platformjának számos funkciójához. A regisztrációt követően létrehozhatja a profilját, feltöltheti önéletrajzát, közvetlenül jelentkezhet az érdeklődését felkeltő állásajánlatokra, valamint az interjú időponttervező rendszerünk segítségével a rendezvény napjára internetes vagy személyes állásinterjúkat is szervezhet a munkaadókkal.

Further, on the 9th of Av B. Though, one can see just a long chain of date matching… On the same very 9th of Av 70 or 68 A. Certainly, the 9th of Av 70 A. Taking in mind, there were no fire brigades those times two days is just enough time for the complete ruining of the enormous Temple. Finally, every time plenty of people were burnt alive in the Temple.

The earthquake ruined the Pharos till the ground stage It seems that we come across the endless doubling of one and the same cataclysm taken its place on July, 21, though the year is still unknown.

Le même bredouillement de syllabes se fit entendre, couvert par les huées de la classe.

The matter is in 70 A. It seems chats bengal suisse anti aging me, any of armies was able to do this in those times. The natural disaster was the only possible explanation.

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Neither a rammer, nor a stone mortar could do that. While Pap and Aphinogenus were celebrating in the church together with their wives and children the fire fell down from the heavens and threw them into deepness. The Temple of Appollo in Daphna, beyond Antiochy, was destroyed by the mysterious fire.

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The fire was falling down in many places and during forty days the light cloud looking like a huge tube was being seen in the sky. Then the rain started, which broke away branches from the trees and threw down stones.

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Of course, it should be noted the Medival scholars have made a great puzzle with dates. Finally, the above mentioned Syrian City of Antiochy was annihilated for 19!

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It means there were much less variously dated disasters in fact. The possible reason may be due to constant recalculation of the New Year date from September to January.

Therefore, Jerusalem was destroyed both in 68 as well as in Aurelian burned the Alexandrian Library in, and Patriarch Theophilus burned this very library in and Yet, Caesar burned it in 51, 48 and 47 B.

Amr ibn Al-As did it in and As you can chats bengal suisse anti aging, the four possible dates when the Great Library was burnt can reach up to eleven variants.