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The medical cosmetics developed with the expertise of the professionals of the Zsigmondy Vilmos Medical Spa Hospital of Harkány containing nature-friendly components offers effective help for those suffering from skin and joint problems. Sulphur is an important component of collagen that its proper quantity turns the skin more elastic.

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Thanks to our shampoo, besides its special and unique curative effect, the hair gets brighter, softer and easier to comb. Remarkable improvement can be achieved when used regularly. Moreover, its Vitamin E content feeds and vitalizes the split-ended, worn-out használt svájci anti aging chenillette, and can be applied on all hair types.

The best way to prevent and treat this issue is by using glycerine cosmetics. In addition, glycerine is also able to remove dead skin cells and assists in the creation of new ones.

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The glycerine-basis shower gel protects from the harmful free radicals, its desiccant effect prevents desiccation, moisturizes the skin and slows the signs of aging. Its beta-carotene and Vitamin E level is high because of its palm oil content.

Benefits of Silver in Bedding Products

Its use helps to get the skin healthy, soft touch and silky. This ratio is considerably less in patients suffering from xerodermia, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

It also helps to reduce itching, seborrhoea and contributes to cell regeneration.

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Strongly recommended for patients suffering from psoriasis, xerodermia and eczema. Due to its skin regenerating effect the bubble bath is able to preserve natural elasticity of the skin and enhance healing of the wounds.

It makes your skin soft and silky right after its first use.

It helps to reserve the visible signs of aging, by minimizing wrinkles. The ultra-hydrating cream-gel is immersed immediately into the skin, without leaving any oily or greasy sensation, fights everyday aggressors with the help of antioxidants.

One choice that is increasingly popular is the infusion of fine strands of metals like copper and silver into duvets and comforters, bedding covers, and pillows. Antimicrobial Benefits Silver is well-known for its antimicrobial properties. Thin threads of silver or small silver particles can be woven into mattresses, quilts, and pillows to help combat bacteria and dust mites. Silver is ideal in preventing living conditions that dust mites thrive in, making silver an attractive option to add into bedding materials. While these benefits are great for any consumer, they are especially welcome for people suffering from allergies of all types, including dust mite allergies.

Its high omega-3 fatty acid content of the avocado oil helps to prevent development of wrinkles. The result will be elastic, glowing skin, full of life.

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Our skin gets noticeably happier and healthier. Thanks to its skin-friendly materials it is an ideal choice for the extra sensitive skin as well.

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Our product develops its healing effect by getting into the deeper layers of skin. Perfect for prevention best cream for deep wrinkles 2021 treatment of musculoskeletal and joint diseases.

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Its myositis and arthritis inflammation-reducing effect is significant. Its use relieves pain caused by arthritis and myositis, gout and rheumatism.