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There are more t h a n Mini clubs all over the world. The reason is simple: it is so cute.

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Try it out! LtJ tz Your GP has a free booklet on healthy heart care. It gives you some useful advice about what to do if you want to be healthy and to have a healthy heart. You should stop smoking, eat more vegetables but less sugar, fat and salt, learn to relax and keep an eye on your weight. Your GP will monitor your blood pressure, too.

Go to your GP and ask for this booklet! They are made with Chinese garlic. Chinese began to use garlic to improve their health more t h a n years ago!

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Chinese garlic is the richest in active ingredient. That's why our tablets are the strongest you can buy at the chemist's and probably the most effective, as well. Do something for your health! It encourages a baby's physical development. There are some things which we have in common with marine mammals. Like many sea creatures, we cry salt tears and eat fish. Finnish studies show that at least some areas of development, such as balance, are more advanced in 'water-babies', while French research shows that they have better social and intellectual skills.

So it is worth trying out classes for babies.

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They will love the water. Helens in Clark County, Washington State. It erupted on Monday morning. The disaster caused more t h a n ten deaths and huge destruction in that region of the state.

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The mountain was hit by two earthquakes just before eight o'clock. A little bit later the top of the mountain was blown off by an explosion that was heard hundreds of miles away. Large blocks of ice and rocks fell onto the area and the mountain became lower.

Then the tremendous heat inside was released. Hot gas and ash came out of the mountain. It caused a lightning storm as it rose into the air. Steam and thick mud poured from the crater. The explosion left a huge crater. There were several casualties; a lot of people were injured or died owing to the best anti aging night cream for 30s in pakistan and heat of the explosion.

It depends whom you ask.

The hot ash started fires which burned big areas of forest, causing férfi spermium anti aging deaths. Fortunately, fire-men could put out most of them.

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The volcanic cloud was so large and dark that the day turned into night and some airports had to be closed temporarily. Mud from the volcano ran down the mountainside, filled the rivers and caused a flood. People left their homes as the water level continued to rise.

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A helicopter helped the rescue workers to pick up casualties and survivors and moved them away from the dangerous areas. The rescue workers hope to find more survivors in the next few days. One of the witnesses said that "it had been like the end of the world".

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According to scientists the top of the mountain had been growing by five feet per day for several weeks before the explosion. In their opinion ash and mud could continue to pour out of St. Helens for up to fifteen years. So people living there are learning to live with and cope with nature's fury. Answer the following questions from the information given in the text. When the volcano erupted, the top of the mountain a grew taller. People were killed by a the forest fires.