Best anti aging eye cream for 40s dermatologist.

I would love to see your Mum do a Newface review.

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Thank you. Rae Valverde2 évvel I saw your video on your mums skin care, and what i would like to see is a head to head comparison between drunk elephant and the ordinary.

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I've been using a few ordinary serums and love the price point, but best anti aging eye cream for 40s dermatologist they as good as drunk elephant? Pampered Wolf 2 évvel Yes they definitely are as good as Drunk Elephant. Please remember Drunk Elephant is a Clean Brand and you have to pay for that privilege. You also pay for the high end packaging xxx Sandy2 évvel I love videos with your mom!

So cute how you are together! Kendra Worley2 évvel Thank-you so much for this review.

Nancy Goulet

But I do put sunscreen on the backs of my hands when I go outside or drive and it has made a huge difference. Anyway, I hope to learn more from the two of you; so sweet! Your Mum is my hero, and very brave for being filmed with no make up. I do something very similar using the Ordinary products.

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Thank you Jan and Gemma for the info. I will buy them, great idea. Leigh Gold2 évvel 7 Donna2 évvel I admire a woman and the respect goes up for any woman that will appear in public without any makeup.

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Yay normal! Only kidding.

Gigi lamb Hónapja I didn't know my neck area was so sensitive.

Pampered Wolf 2 évvel Hi Donna I'm not sure how to take the comment about our hair and clothes I'm from the U. I am 66 and appreciate the info. I read a comment from an elderly lady that said she wished someone had told her to put lotions or whatever to the BACK of her neck! Fringe sounds so funny to us but so adorable. Just love ur accent and the different wording u use for terms.

We in the US feel so much included in every video.

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I think u r Wonderful and I appreciate the knowledge u bring to us. We r so blessed by u and ur Mum. So cute.

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Ur Mum brought me to u. Saw a mature video. Goes to show u learn at every age.

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God bless u and ur Mum because u definitely have blessed the US! I am 52, I have few fine lines no big issues but still I would find it difficult to appear without any sort of makeup at least a CC cream on. Great video also.

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I recently watched your video on microneedling and ordered a device from a company here in Greece which sells surgical products. I cannot tell you how scared I will be to use it.

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Could you please tell me what to use after dermarolling? I have many serums from The Ordinary and also amost all serums from Chanel and creams which as they are expensive I use them alternatively.

Thank you again for this video and I would appreciate your advice on what to use after dermarolling xx Caterina Iona 2 évvel Thank you so much for your reply. I have both products so I will use them xxx Pampered Wolf 2 évvel I would stick to Buffet or Matrixyl after derma rolling.

Pampered Wolf

Both are gentle and great anti-aging products xxx Ingrid Miller2 évvel That should say kuddos! Please let her know we appreciate it very much! Learned more about what is important for what reasons, Thank you both!