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It is FDA Cleared, and has been proven effective against viruses, bacteria, and other air quality issues over the last 25 years. We are passionate about patient care and we work tirelessly to bring quality, affordable healthcare to citizens everywhere.

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This past year has highlighted the need for healthcare delivery options and our products are designed to support patients both in facilities and at home. Telemedicine technology is disrupting the healthcare industry in a good way. Facilities and patients alike are embracing telemedicine as viable option when in-person visits just aren't feasible.

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We would love to share our vision. Anjon Holdings is a medical contract manufacturing company producing implants and instruments primarily for orthopedics. The Company is looking for distributors outside the United States for the halo system.

Anti aging Expo 2020

The Company is looking for sales representation for contract manufacturing projects outside the United States. Argonide's innovative and unique filtration technology and systems are positively impacting billions of gallons of water worldwide in many vertical markets from medical and manufacturing to residential and hospitality.

Through Argonide's OEM and dealer network, there's a good chance you've used a product or service of which Argonide's filtration technology was an integral component. Argonide continually strives to innovate water filtration with inventions and patents that are inspired by NASA-derived technology such as NanoCeram® filtration technologyto the use of DEAL® in Anti aging Expo 2020 systems CoolBlue® filtration systems.

Anti aging Expo 2020

Argonide is an ISO registered manufacturer. Our products have been used to defend structures of all types, including homes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, priceless pieces of art and historic buildings from even the strongest category 5 hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.


Not only will our hurricane screens protect you and your property from damage, they also make outdoor spaces more enjoyable year-round. These transparent screens are made of tough, durable, UV-stabilized fabric that block strong winds, driving rain, harsh sunlight, and bugs, making them perfect for use around patios and porches.

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This smart storage solution offers higher density storage, greater revenue and ROI, and little to no downtime. ASAR has the potential to provide a significant increase in usable space, reduce risk of theft and damage, and improve efficiency in parking garages, automotive storage facilities, and even dealerships through removal of driving area.

Replacing traditional storage methods with an automated solution can potentially double the number of containers stored at manufacturing or distribution facilities with no increase in footprint, spurring a significant boost Anti aging Expo 2020 revenue and resale value.

Anti aging Expo 2020

As a vertically integrated Furniture organization, we strive to exceed the expectations of our retail partners and consumers in more than countries across the globe.

We are a full-service manufacturer and wholesaler offering a full home furnishings product line. Today, Ashley Furniture HomeStore has more than 1, locations around the world.

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If you are interested in selling our products in your store or acquiring your own Ashley Furniture Homestore license, schedule a meeting to speak with us. Photonics and Optics Photonics and Optics Bringing visions to life. With this mission, asphericon is continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible and establishing new milestones in the world of optics.

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Our passion for revolutionizing the manufacturing of aspheric components with new technologies is changing the degree of precision and quality that is possible. The latest manufacturing technologies, continually evolving proprietary control software, world class measurement equipment, and highly qualified employees ensure that asphericon provides over customers worldwide with innovative solutions.

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We will assist you from the initial optical design, through manufacturing and coating, precision metrology and documentation, to the assembly of optical modules and optical characterization. Our team is anchored by veteran power system design leaders and a growing team of control system professional engineers.

Anti aging Expo 2020

We provide our clients decades of experience in specialized electrical engineering design, protection and control systems, and project management services. Our clients include utility companies, independent power producers, and large industrial and institutional power users.

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