Anti aging cosmetics brands, Description

Dóra Domján, junior brand manager of Henkel Magyarország Kft. The new PureColor is a lasting colorant in gel format, made with cactus and aloe vera components, utilising the Aquaxyl technology.

anti aging cosmetics brands

In the facial and body care category Henkel is putting 3 new products on the market. Reacting to this demand, Henkel put authentic Swedish premium beauty care brand Barnängen on the market.

anti aging cosmetics brands

Products recommended for bathing and body care contain the so-called Cold Cream. The company is present with the premium brand Diadermine in the facial care segment; this product was developed in France.

The 21 minerals present in the Dead Sea salt maintain the skin's natural hydration, tone the skin tissue, stimulate blood circulation and help eliminate toxins. The seaweed extract Porphyridium Cruentum and hyaluronic acid present in the composition of the cream have a strong effect of smoothing wrinkles and reducing their depth, by filling them from the inside. Vitamins A, E, B5 and natural vegetable oils of olives, grape seeds and wheat germ contribute to proper functioning and cell proliferation.

April brings the debut of the Diadermine Age Supreme range, which utilises the Nobel Prize-winning technology Rejuvinol and targets consumers older than 45 years. Face mask sales surged by a stunning percent in value.

anti aging cosmetics brands

Tissue mask Garnier Tissue acquired a 3-percent market share calculation: number of products sold in the period of its introduction. In this category it is very important for consumers to have the chance to try products, so distributing product samples is key.

The Garnier brand came out with percent natural facial care range Botanical.

anti aging cosmetics brands

Consumers with sensitive skin will be treated to the Mixa Hyalurogel and Anti Imperfection product lines this year. Orsolya Szeles, marketing and product manager of Caola Zrt. Multifunctionality has also become a fundamental expectation by now. Anti-aging Caola Skin Revival contains juventus water, the high mineral content of which is beneficial in nourishing the skin.

Product components also include vitamins, bioflavonoids and algae extract, and products are free from paraben, anti aging cosmetics brands oil, petroleum and artificial colourings.

This means making sure your personal care game is strong. A quality beauty product uses natural ingredients to accentuate your glow. It can withstand the toughest of factors like whipping winds, strong sun and the dryness of winter. At PipingRock, we strive to give you the best selection of options to customize your own routine.

Organic brand manager of Presto-Pilot Kft. It is interesting that they also target men with this product range. Presto-Pilot also has a product line that utilises snail gel extract, which has perfect skin renewal characteristics.

Product components include the instantly effective anti-aging rubixil and Easilianc. Their creams combine natural ingredients with modern technology, and Yamuna makes sure that no allergens end up in the cosmetics they make.

anti aging cosmetics brands